Cafes in Basmannyiy rayon

Cafe Didu

The clayest cafe in the world

House of tea & ice Chainaya vysota

Drink tea. Enjoy tea. Understand tea.

Cafe & Cinema Fassbinder

Cafe Filial

Affordable café serving tasty dishes by owners of Propaganda

Club & cafe Propaganda

Restaurant Club Shanti

Oriental club and restaurant, one of the most popular places in the city

Cafe & Confectionery Bratya Karavaevi

Turkish Cafe Bardak

Coffee Shop OMG! Coffee

Cafe and bakery Sweet Home Cafe

Best tea, coffee and more… for true experts and connoisseurs

Cafe Tsurtsum

Cozy city café at a winery

Cafe Patisserie Bakery Volkonsky

Georgian Cuisine Cafe Chito-Ra

Club-store Giperion

Books, doodads and other colonial produce

Cupcake Shop Hand Made Cake

Bar Buffet Nicolay

Cafe Art Clumba

Café featuring author’s cuisine and entertainment program

Coffee house Coffee Bean

Enjoy your life over a cup of coffee

Vegetarian cafe Jagannath

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