Buy in Moscow

Gift shop Lost and found

Find something original

Flea Market Svoya polka

Gallery & shop Maharadzha Interiors

See and buy furniture, textile and interior items of Rājasthān and Hastināpuram

Gifts Shop Coordi

The Bookshop Moskva

Famous book store in Tverskaya Street

Bar Grand Cru

  • Ksenia Koryakina
  • Гузечка
  • Артур Ким
Book a table

Club-store Giperion

Books, doodads and other colonial produce

Shoe Store Superstar Moscow

Clothing store Traffic

Gallery shop Baboushka

A gallery and an atelier at Sivtsev Vrazhek in a small shop of antique objects and memories.

Shop Xarizmas

Flower shop Obradoval


Travel agency Cheaptrip

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