Gifts Moscow

Gallery Shop Street Kit

A place where unique art objects are gathered under one roof

Gift Shop PichShop

Shop Lush

DVD Discs Mir Kino

Gifts Shop 1+1

Gifts Shop Kawaii Factory

Music Store Transilvaniya

Shop Enjoy Me

Buy an unusual cool gift

Gallery Ice sculpture

See the museum of ice. Or design your holiday with ice sculptures

Shop Shaltai-Boltai

Items with character

Online Shop Xtribal

Shop Republica

Books, music, perspective

Gift shop Magicmag

Design shop Design Boom

Internet Shop 33 Dodo

Gallery DomPastel

Music Store Zvukovoy Barer

A huge collection of vinyls

Showroom Ground Around

Buy gifts, clothing and accessories

Shop Victoria’s Vintage

Concept store of vintage haute couture clothing

Laboratory of Dreams Poradki

Online store of amazing author and designer gifts

Flowers FunFun

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