Places in London

Escape game Plan 52

Be prepared for any tests, which Mr Q did up for you

Escape game Trapped with a zombie

To be trapped in a room with a zombie

Escape game Room 33

To make an unforgettable adventure with time travel

Escape game Bank Heist

To rob the crown jewels from the bank

Museum 221B Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes museum

Escape game Chaos

Only you can save life on the Earth

Escape game Chain Reaction

To survive after a nuclear explosion

Restaurant Сircus

Cocktail bar and restaurant in Covent Garden

Way Eurotunnel

The road connecting Britain with continental Europe

Gallery Tate Modern

Clothes shop All Saints

Club Surya

Stronghold Tower

The oldest castle in London

Hotel The Ritz

Antique store Buckingham Palace

Residence of the kings of England

Hotel Ace Hotel

Restaurant The Wolseley

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