Places near «Regent's Park» metro station

Ferris Wheel London Eye

A huge Ferris wheel

Ice-Cream Laboratory Chin Chin Labs

Escape game Plan 52

Be prepared for any tests, which Mr Q did up for you

Escape game Operation Black Sheep

To stop the Professor from succeeding with his evil plan

Escape game HintHunt

HintHunt is a new simple and fun live escape game

Bridge Millennium Bridge

Footbridge across the Thames

Clothes shop All Saints

Escape game Secret Studio

Don’t tell anyone about this room: it’ a secret

Escape game The Killer

The mystery of your disappearance of your cinema

Escape game Murder mystery

If you want to be a real detective — welcome!

Antique store Buckingham Palace

Residence of the kings of England

Museum 221B Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes museum


Graffiti Illegal

If graffiti chenged anything, it would be illegal
— banksy

Bookstore Hatchards

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