Places near «Paddington» metro station

Ice-Cream Laboratory Chin Chin Labs

Clothes shop All Saints

Escape game Secret Studio

Don’t tell anyone about this room: it’ a secret

Escape game HintHunt

HintHunt is a new simple and fun live escape game

Escape game Murder mystery

If you want to be a real detective — welcome!

Museum 221B Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes museum

Antique store Buckingham Palace

Residence of the kings of England

Graffiti Illegal

If graffiti chenged anything, it would be illegal
— banksy

Bookstore Hatchards

Restaurant Little Bay

Tower Big Pagoda

The first «oriental» structure in Europe

Molecular Gastronomy Restauran Dinner by Heston Blu

Neighborhood Chinatown

Museum Cavalry Museum

Museum of the Royal Horse Guards

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