Quests near «Canary Wharf» metro station

Ночь (с полуночи до 6 утра) Утро (с 6 до 12) День (с 12 до 17) Вечер (с 17 до полуночи)
Кол-во человек:

6 Players Fearful quests Complicated

Escape game Grandpa's Last Will

The best beginner friendly escape game in London

Escape game Perpetuum Mobile

The most challenging escape game in London

Escape game Museum Warehouse

The ideal treasure hunt for those looking for a different kind of activity in London

Escape game Outbreak

To save the world from the attack of biological weapons

Escape game Chaos

Only you can save life on the Earth

Escape game Trapped with a zombie

To be trapped in a room with a zombie

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