Places near «Canada Water» metro station

Escape game Grandpa's Last Will

The best beginner friendly escape game in London

Escape game Perpetuum Mobile

The most challenging escape game in London

Escape game Museum Warehouse

The ideal treasure hunt for those looking for a different kind of activity in London

Escape game Pharaoh's Chamber

To be turned out deep in the heart of pyramid — Pharaoh Khufu's chamber

Escape game Prohibition Pandemonium

This escape game will take you to far 20th

Escape game School of Witchcraft

Escape game for true fans of «Harry Potter»

Escape game Chaos

Only you can save life on the Earth

Bridge Millennium Bridge

Footbridge across the Thames

Bridge Tower Bridge

The main bridge in London

Escape game Bank Heist

To rob the crown jewels from the bank

Escape game Room 33

To make an unforgettable adventure with time travel

Escape game Trapped with a zombie

To be trapped in a room with a zombie

Escape game Outbreak

To save the world from the attack of biological weapons

Gallery Tate Modern

Stronghold Tower

The oldest castle in London

Hotel Ace Hotel

Free Space Ziferblat London

Ziferblat is a treehouse for grownups

Building London's Gherkin

The first green buildings in the UK

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