Places in London

Escape game Grandpa's Last Will

The best beginner friendly escape game in London

Escape game Perpetuum Mobile

The most challenging escape game in London

Escape game Lady Chastity's Reserve

Escape game takes place in The Four Thieves Pub

Escape game Museum Warehouse

The ideal treasure hunt for those looking for a different kind of activity in London

Ferris Wheel London Eye

A huge Ferris wheel

Ice-Cream Laboratory Chin Chin Labs

Escape game Prohibition Pandemonium

This escape game will take you to far 20th

Escape game Pharaoh's Chamber

To be turned out deep in the heart of pyramid — Pharaoh Khufu's chamber

Bridge Tower Bridge

The main bridge in London

Escape game Mystery Cube

To help some secret organization in the cube enigma investigation

Escape game Plan 52

Be prepared for any tests, which Mr Q did up for you

Museum 221B Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes museum

Escape game Operation Black Sheep

To stop the Professor from succeeding with his evil plan

Gallery Tate Modern

Bridge Millennium Bridge

Footbridge across the Thames

Escape game The Killer

The mystery of your disappearance of your cinema

Escape game Secret Studio

Don’t tell anyone about this room: it’ a secret

Stronghold Tower

The oldest castle in London

Escape game Time Run

Take a trip back in time in the company of scientists and robot

Escape game Lady Chastity's Reserve

Escape game takes place in The People's Park Tavern Pub

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