Different Crimea

Mountain Ay-Petri

Solenoe ozero Koyashskoe ozero

Cape Fiolent

Safari Park Taigan

Pleasure Embankment

lighthouse Sevastopolskiy

Waterfall Jur-Jur

Route Cableway

Waterfall Merdven-Tobe

Natural Monument Bath Youth

Architecture Nakhimov Area

Waterfall Yazluar

Monument Of Nature Jaw-Tepe

Ancient Tomb Royal Burial Mound

Natural Monument Soldier's Cave

Landscape Park 1000 Coast Bays

Architectural Monument Manor Monzhene

Grotto Pushkinsky

Мonastery Holy Annunciation

Waterfall Three Saints

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Mahfujul Uzzal about Taigan
Here is an update on the 50 lions in the Taigan Animal Safari Park in Crimea. They only have enough meat for 2 more days! The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization has already arranged for a truck, and a large load of meat to be delivered to them. They just need the funds to cover the cost. Please help by donating here: https://www.causes.com/actions/1769110-donate-to-earth-organizationRead more

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