Places in Berlin

Escape game Tear Down This Wall

Escape game will take you during the events of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Escape game Escape from East Berlin

Nostalgic-cult time travel awaits you!

Escape game Secret Room

To uncover the mystery of your teacher's disappearance

Escape game Diamonds of Rabuun

To prove the guilt of the bank's director of numerous crimes

Escape game Casino

You have the only one chance to try your luck out at the casino!

Escape game Breaking Mad

To catch the famous drug trafficker

Hostel Ostel

Overnight accommodations in a retro style

Camping-hotel HüttenPalast

Hostel Propeller Island

A place to sleep ... or inspiration?

Music Hotel Nhow Berlin

Appartment Art Flat Gallery

Co-Working BCN

Appartment Flat in Berlin

Building Reichstag

Appartment Flat+bycicle

Gallery C/O Berlin

Tattoo AKA

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