6 Players in Berlin

Ночь (с полуночи до 6 утра) Утро (с 6 до 12) День (с 12 до 17) Вечер (с 17 до полуночи)
Кол-во человек:

6 Players Fearful quests Jolly Complicated

Escape game Beast of Berlin

To catch a serial killer

Escape game Hakers home reloaded

To stop the spread of a dangerous computer virus

Escape game Hipster Party

To funk with hipsters

Escape game Dictator Room

To deactivate the bomb and leave the room within 60 minutes

Escape game Mission: Accepted

Solve the case on a professional level

Quest The State Secret

To prevent the absolute political disaster!

Escape game Madhouse

Will your group escape in 66 minutes or will the madness swallow you?

Escape game Diamonds of Rabuun

To prove the guilt of the bank's director of numerous crimes

Escape game Tear Down This Wall

Escape game will take you during the events of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Escape game The madness

Escape game for those, who need a real adrenaline shot

Escape game Mr. Nobody

To hold your own investigation of the journalist disappearance

Escape game The Bomb

To stay in the role of James Bond

Escape game Alien invasion

To stop the alien invasion

Escape game Secret prison

To escape from the prison

Escape game Questory

To track down the dangerous Assassin

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