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Attractions Siagne Caves

Feel yourself a digger!

village Novlyanskoye

Feel yourself a digger!

”Siagne Caves”, “Siagne catacombs”, “System”

The cave has a lot of roads from 0.5 up to 3.5 meters high.

During the season there are more than one hundred people in a system.

The caves origin date is stated to be at the beginning of XVIII. Approximately at this time a mining of white rocks for churches, cathedrals and chapels construction was started here.

The most part of roads are numbered and placed on a maps, a lot of areas have their own names: sometimes they are strange — “The rests of the first car”, “Elevator”, “SS-20”); sometimes fairy — “The Three Little Pigs”; sometimes romantic and sometimes even explicit.

Different events, concerts and solo performances take place in a “Christmas Hall”.

Here you can visit a remarkable “Cathedral” decorated with icons and candles. The passer-be leave here candles. You can also see papers with prayers and church books. This grotto was once blessed by a priest.

A grotto named “Great columns” is the biggest hall in the system with the round gates that form columns in their centers. Here take place discos.

In 1988, enthusiasts gigged one of three former entrances — “The cat’s creephole” again and took a responsibility to keep the entrances of the caves in good conditions. “Regular visitors” name themselves system men and the cave — the system. It regards not only the read system, but also common system of traditions, behavior and morality, etc.

How to get there: 6 km away from the highway, from Gorki Leninskiye alon the main road to Yam and to the left after a bridge to the village of Novlyanskoe. In the end of the village go acoss the river Pakhra along a dike and walk left along the river.

The entrance to the caves lies in the second coomb from the right under s bust stop.

A miracle: using the scientific language, experiments made my “regular visitors” allowed to simulate and provoke a splash of extrasensory supernatural abilities that usually come out in extreme situations, especially when newly arrived people heard that entrance had been blocked out and there was no way back. At this moment people “showed themselves”: some people got jitters but some started to work miracles.

Peculiarities: Beside “usual” attributes of Russian caves such as “Black” and “White” speleologist, Siagne has a number of peculiarities.

For example, almost surrealistic caves are painted over with mystic pictures and illustration in a style of “Master and Margarita” novel.

There are a lot of legends about famous super-narrow and pretty long (mark our words) “Pike’s creephole” which in accordance with the local beliefs brings back recollection of birth to everyone who passed this track successfully.

But the biggest surprise waits for new visitors in a central way. The first meeting with this surprise usually ends with screams of horror or concurrent shrieks. On a big limestone lies local deity: incomplete skeleton Aristarkh whom students bring “gifts”, even though you wouldn’t call these students religious at all.

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Moscow, village Novlyanskoye

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