Quests Medium difficulty quests Detective quests 2-4 Players 5 Quest Room

Quest Room Nöldnerstr, 1 10317, Berlin, S-Rummelsburg
  • +49 (172) 414 22 09

Escape game Casino

2 — 5 players

You have the only one chance to try your luck out at the casino!

Several illegal casinos are located in a small forgettable city near Berlin. There is also one bar there, where an entrance is only for a certain group of people. You and your friends have decided to go to the bar for a few drinks. Suddenly, your old friend Boris has approached you and asked: “Where are the money you owe to me? You have one hour to bring my money back!” Unfortunately, none of you have such a huge amount of money.

The game costs 70€ — 90€

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Medium difficulty quests Detective quests 2-4 Players 5 Quest Room

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