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Krasnoselskaya 520 m, Sokolniki 730 m 10 Rusakovskaya Street
  • (905) 722 37 31

Tango School Casa Del Tango


The first school of Argentine Tango in Moscow leaded by Valentina Ustinova

16 lessons — 7,000 rub./person
Student pairs — 12,000 rub/pair, family pairs — 13,000 rub./pair

“Casa del Tango” means a “House of Tango” in passionate Argentine language.

Casa del Tango is a school, club and way of life. Nine teachers willingly guide visitors through Argentine tango, tango-waltz and milonga, introduce history of the dance, reveal secrets and show the road to the world of tango to everyone wishing to know it.

This school has been opened for more than 10 years already and a lot of its students became teachers themselves.

On a base of Casa del Tango works a theatre that performs really interesting plays.

If you want to attend school but have no partner, we will help you to find one here.

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  • Hi, I wanted to inquire about the classes, in this case for a student pair.

    I come to Moscow for business once a month for two weeks, and was wondering if the lessons can be split across a couple of months.

    Also, do you have any specific requirements for the lessons (shoes, minimum knowledge, etc.)? We are both decent dancers, but have never attempted to learn tango.

    Last question for now, do the instructors speak english? My partner speaks russian, but I do not.

    Look forward to your reply

    [email protected]
    0 25 March 2015 at 19:46


Krasnoselskaya 520 m, Sokolniki 730 m
Moscow, 10 Rusakovskaya Street

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