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Yugo-Zapadnaya 710 m 8, Pokryshkina Street
  • (499) 755 72 75

Cafe Ҫa va


Ça Va Café is about meetings with friends

daily: 12:00–00:00

Olivier salad – 190 rub.
Salad a la Dimbuaz – 250 rub.
Burgundy snails with oyster mushrooms – 420 rub.
Cream of broccoli – 190 rub.
Homemade salmon ravioli served with ‘Four cheeses’ dressing – 360 rub.
Chopped turkey steak – 270 rub.
Duck ‘Mae’ served with cherry marmalade – 680 rub.
Potato puree ‘Rockfor’ with fried onion – 180 rub.
Fruit pie served with cream&berry sauce – 160 rub.

The French ‘Ça Va’ means ‘Ok!’ If it is a question, then it should be translated as ‘How are you?’ It is a traditional French greeting people exchange when they meet.

The café’s name sets the fashion at this place.

It features three cozy halls – main hall, non-smoking hall and VIP hall.

Cuisine is mostly Mediterranean, Japanese and Latin American menus are available.

Birthday parties and other celebration are available. Catering service.

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