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Sokol 310 m, Aeroport 970 m 2, Novopeschanaya Street
  • (499) 728 66 83

Cafe Bulochnaya №5


daily: 09:00–21:00

Espresso – 100 rub.
Latte – 170 rub.
Iced coffee with ice-cream topping – 170 rub.
Tea – 100 rub.
Americano – 110 rub.
Patty – 35 rub. – 50 rub.
Pecan of flaky pastry and maple syrup – 90 rub.

‘Bulochnaya №5’ is a cozy family café with an exclusive, not ‘network, menu.

They will always offer you some fresh pastry to choose from because they make it by themselves, in small quantities.

They have a large selection of patties with a variety of fillings and a bunch of exclusive cakes.

They make their proprietary bread right at the cafe. However, the choice is not large.

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