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Tverskaya 270 m, Pushkinskaya 280 m, Chehovskaya 290 m Strastnoy boulevard, 7, building 2
  • +7 (495) 694 54 00

Hotel by the hour Brestol


A new by-the-hour hotel in the centre of Moscow

Hourly rate — 600 to 2000 Rub
Day rate — 6000 to 20000 Rub
Minimum stay — 1 to 3 hours

In the Brestol Hotel restaurant you can enjoy such dainty dishes, as
Nuremberg fried sausages — 210 Rub
Bristol salad — 310 Rub
Roasted sea bass — 480 Rub
“Pharaoh” duck with sesame — 610 Rub

Brestol Hotel is, by right, the best mini hotel in Moscow. It offers big and nice rooms with splendid interior, high quality service, tranquillity and comfort right in the downtown, two steps from the Pushkinskaya metro station.

The hotel database is refreshed daily to guarantee privacy and security of every visitor. It is interesting that even under-age guests can have a room, but passport is required.

Room costs include shower gel, shampoo and soap. There are two towels and a hairdryer in a bathroom. Every room is equipped with two goblets, an ashtray and a corkscrew. Every room features air-conditioning and flatscreen TV with media hub. Some rooms include a Jacuzzi. Each bathroom has two bath towels and a foot towel. You can also order extra toiletries while checking in.

We accept only roubles in cash. There is also an unguarded parking lot near the hotel.

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Tverskaya 270 m, Pushkinskaya 280 m, Chehovskaya 290 m
Moscow, Strastnoy boulevard, 7, building 2

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