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Novoslobodskaya 670 m, Belorusskaya 700 m, Mendeleevskaya 720 m 45 Lesnaya Street
  • (499) 973 37 39

Fish Restauran Peter's Botik


Fish food fest on a small boat

daily: 12:00–00:00

‘Peter's Botik’ is a traditional Mediterranean family restaurant.

Its cuisine is Mediterranean and European, mostly consists of seafood. It seats 50 persons, an open pavilion is available. It is great for business lunch, family dining and official meetings.

Its interior is perfect for romantic dates. The summer pavilion is designed as a deck justifying the restaurant’s name ('botik' means 'small boat' in Russian).

We offer you to taste rare fish and shellfish, or choose fresh ‘ice fish’, delivered by plane several hours after it was caught.

At the restaurant, you can taste ‘White Pearls’ oysters, ‘Clair #2’, ‘Belon’, allmouth, sole, rockfish, porgy, and ray. Fish dishes are served with Yugoslav sauce (made of olive oil, garlic and parsley) or any to your choice.

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