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Kitay-gorod 190 m, Lubyanka 420 m, Kuznetskiy most 570 m 2/15 bldg. 1, Maroseika street
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Cafe BM


In traditional American diner's own image and likeness

French fries — 100 rub.
Borsch — 210 rub.
Cream of broccoli and shrimps — 240 rub.
Grilled chicken a la king — 420 rub.
‘Uta’ turkey — 440 rub.
Bread-crumbed chicken sticks — 220 rub.
Onion rings — 210 rub.
Haitian lamb shin — 750 rub.

Some people believe that traditional American food is fast food. However, it is not so because the New World’s cuisine has been developing under the influence of Indian, English and Spanish cultures for a long period of time.

They serve fresh salads, hot soups, juicy meat, pizza and, of course, hamburgers with fresh minced meat cooked in the grill.

Its interior created by an American designer is that of a classic American restaurant. It features a neon-illuminated bar counter and red sofas.

Besides, they serve Bud beer delivered straight from the US.

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