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Top Ten Castles for Rent in the World, and damn it, at quite affordable prices!

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If you ask me: "Is there a castle for rent nearby London?", I'll tell you it's at a stone's throw, right here in East Sussex. Though castles in general are associated with in Scotland and Ireland. Scottish one will be in good shape, and Irish – cheaper. 

In continental Europe you can find many big and beautiful castles and manor places in France and Italy. On the other hand, the rave and lushness of real south wait for you in Spain.

Ancient British Castle
in South Stainmore

Built in 1841 as a Victorian gentlemen's folly, this castle is now a real family home with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Set in 15 acres of grounds in a rural setting the castle is best visited with a car. On the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and less than an hour from the centre of the Lake District. This is a great place to explore Northern England.

$149 per day for room

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Dairsie Castle
Most popular in Scotland

This huge and still very tidy castle in wonderful condition offers a good value for its price.

First sited in the XIIth Century, Dairsie has been the location of secret Scottish parliaments, military sieges, and safe haven for escapee monarchs (James VI and I in 1583). The castle became a ruin in the XIXth Century. In 1992 it was bought and rebuilt by the current owner who worked hard to restore the castle to its original medieval character, with all the comforts of a modern family home.

$938 per day for the whole castle

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Most popular
Irish castle

Well, there are doubts about how comfortable this place is but you can shoot a movie here: it is a huge site and you can rent it for a price which fully compliments the renowned Irish hospitality :) Looks like this is exactly the cause of this castle's popularity for rent.

$142 per day for the whole castle

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Quiet spot
near Strasbourg, Obernai

The place in question is in fact located in the 19th century tower of former monastery premises right in the center of historical downtown Obernai. Here two to five people can easily enjoy the iconic quietude of Alsace.

$85 per day for the apartment in the tower

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XII century manor
near Montignac charente

Are you up to a medieval time travel? This recently restored XII-XV century manor offers you a 40m2 room with original chimney and modern comfort. The owner also invites you to have a tour of his 9000m2 parcs and gardens.

$107 per day for room

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Chateau de Burnand
Sublime castle in France 

This medieval dream castle lavishes with French elegance and nobility in many pleasant details. Peace, authenticity and energy is what this site promises. The accommodation served as a work room for the Augustine monks in the 17th century and later as atelier for artists residing at the chateau. 

Nine hundred hectares of woods provide for walks, horse-riding and picnicking along serene rivers in the middle of France, in south Burgundy. The village nearby at 3.5 km is St. Gengoux-le-National, with its cozy medieval streets, shops and restaurants. There is also a once believed "miraculous" fountain of youth loved by the king himself in 1793. The best way to get here is by bike, and in fact the famous Voie Vertes that takes one over an old railroad 70 km from Chalon-sur-Saone to Macon through crisp countrysides, stops at this village.

$181 for the room

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Château de Forges-Chambre
de Jeanne

The hospitable owners welcome you to the XII century family castle which is pervaded with History. It seems that the Time itself ceased its pace here about  six centuries ago.

$196 for the room

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Hacienda Tipica Andaluza Del S.XV
in Spain

Breathe the air of sparkling Southern Spain in this manor with pool.

$90 for the room

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Dream Castle
nearby Barcelona

$2258 per day for the whole castle

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A Single Square Keep Castle in Spain

It's nice to take a look on a sun bathed Spain after those chilly Great Britain and Ireland. You will not want to turn your back on this wonderful place, there to the west of Gibraltar and to south of Seville and Cadiz, at the hot Atlantic.

$44 per day for whole castle

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near Peniche and Obidos

$203 per day for the whole manor

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Top floor with view
near Vicenza

A beautiful castle in North Italy turned into a luxurious manor .

$113 per day for the second level

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Magic nights at the castle
in Italian Alps

$158 per day for a room in the castle

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Borgia Castle
in Tuscany

$1242 per day for the whole castle

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Stunning Manor
Florence countryside

$226 per day for the whole castle

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Three-Storey Lookout Tower
in Terrebonne, USA

This unique three story lookout tower brings you a lot of stories for it was fashioned after a Forest Service fire lookout tower. This secluded location is perfect for artists, writers, and those who long for a piaceful holiday. Still, the civilisation is only 15 minute drive away, provided you need it.

$195 per day for the tower

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