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Novokuznetskaya 390 m, Tretyakovskaya 520 m 1 bldg. 13, Sredniy Ovchinnikoviy lane
  • (495) 953 05 56

Pub Belfast


Small piece of the Emerald Isle in downtown Moscow

Sat–Sun: 14:00–00:00

Prostoy salad — 190 rub.
Caesar salad with chicken — 220 rub.
Father jack soup — 180 rub.
Onion rings — 120 rub.
‘St. Patrick’s breathing’ toasts — 100 rub.
Irish ragout ‘Leprechaun’s pot’ — 310 rub.
O’melet — 190 rub.
Ulster sausages — 270 rub.
Meat in the frying pan — 260 rub.
Beef steak covered with eggs — 280 rub.
FREEdom potatoes — 140 rub.

Belfast is a sort of reflection of the country pubs you will find standing by the roads between Cork and Limerick, Dublin and Fermanagh, Sligo and Enniskillen.

This pub has no chic and glamour Moscow’s restaurants have, with shelves being filled with personal stuff of the clients, old photographs and symbols of sports teams.

As for the beverages they serve here, naturally it is beer! No strong alcoholic drinks! Here you can enjoy legendary sorts of Irish dark beer, German light beer and Scottish ale.

Your glass of beer will be best if paired with authentic Irish dishes, such as simple but extraordinary tasty soups, salads, meat dishes and more.

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Novokuznetskaya 390 m, Tretyakovskaya 520 m
Moscow, 1 bldg. 13, Sredniy Ovchinnikoviy lane

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