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Dmitrovskaya 550 m 69, Butyrskaya Street
  • (495) 602 58 16

Restaurant Brasserie Beermarket


75 varieties of draught beer

Thu–Fri: 12:00–02:00
Sat: 12:00–00:00
Sat–Sun: 12:00–24:00

Hacker Pschorr keller, 1 l — 480 rub.
Colins Staut, 495 ml — 195 rub.
Andechs, 470 ml — 190 rub.
T-bone pork chop — 520 rub.
Fried mushrooms served with cream sauce — 90 rub.
Tuna tataki sprinkled with sesame seeds — 640 rub.
Veal tenderloin — 650 rub.
Lamb dumplings served with adjika sauce — 390 rub.
Cigars — 800 rub. — 1,750 rub.
Average bill: 500 rub. — 1,500 rub.

The restaurant occupies two levels. On the main floor there is a bar for 84 persons and a souvenir store. The primary appeal of this place is a variety of draught beer from all parts of the world served here.

English VIP hall is a cozy place for 10 persons with a comfortable leather couch, oak table, karaoke and a large plasma TV.

Scotland hall seats 30 persons.

The main floor features a souvenir store.

A wide staircase decorated with inscriptions of the word ‘beer’ spelt in different languages, leads to the second floor with a hall seating 175 persons. The hall features huge windows, mahogany tables, bulky screens and metal lamps emitting orange light which adds some urbanistic vibe to the restaurnt. In the middle of the hall there is a large screen; two plasma screens are situated on its sides.

However, despite the 75 variations declared, sometimes not all of them are available. The same can be applied to the menu. Unfortunately, as the time passed the service in the restaurant took turn for the worse as well.

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