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Smolenskaya 380 m, Arbatskaya 970 m Novy Arbat, 21, building 1
  • (495) 228 37 31, 228 37 30

Restaurant Barashka


Taste the best lamb in Moscow

Average bill — 2,000 rub.

Salad with calf’s tongue — 500 rub.
Eggplant paste — 400 rub.
Meat qutabs — 300 rub.

Caspian sturgeon soup — 650 rub.
Beef Stroganoff with porcinis — 800 rub.
Lamb shish kabob — 550 rub.

This is a second ‘Barashka’ restaurant in Moscow, a restaurant with good Azerbaijan cuisine founded by Arkady Novikov.

The new restaurant reproduces the concept of the first ‘Barashka’ restaurant opened in Petrovka Street over five years ago.

It is a cozy restaurant with great Azerbaijan home cooking skillfully adjusted to the European palate.

In summertime, visit its summer pavilion for sixty persons. Wicker chairs, greenery and flowers, beige drape and tables covered with snow-white tablecloths… everything is simple and elegant as usual. In this restaurant, they serve very tasty Azerbaijan dishes.

Name Origin

About six years ago, Arkady decided to open in Moscow a purely ethnic restaurant with national cuisine reflecting culinary traditions of Azerbaijan. He intended to name it ‘Barashek' (meaning ‘lamb’).

Some time later, they decided to Europeanize the cuisine and make it lighter and somewhat stylish. Thus, together with the new cuisine, they had to make up a new name for the place.

As a result, they invented a new word ‘Бараshка’ which united Cyrillic and Roman alphabet.

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  • Eastern food has always been alluring to Muscovites and visitors of the city. My task is to feed the restaurant’s guests spectacular meals. I of course try everything we serve myself and can say with my eyes closed what something is, how it was cooked, and even which pan it was cooked in.


Smolenskaya 380 m, Arbatskaya 970 m
Moscow, Novy Arbat, 21, building 1

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