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Yugo-Zapadnaya 800 m 95/4, Vernadskogo Avenue
  • (985) 789 31 53, 434 16 70

Dancing school Balance Club


To dance hip-hop, break dance, R-n-B, jazz-modern, strip, go-go; to attend yoga or shaping

Test lesson — 350 rub.
Unlim subscription certificate — 6,500 rub.

all of subscription certificates [in Russian]

We will teach you to move gracefully regardless of your age, interests and p rofession

Do you want to learn how to dance beautiful and to a rhythm of music?

Balance Club has all the necessary for achievement of this balance. Light halls equipped with ballet bars, professional floor covering and equipment as well as small groups and well-chosen choreographers will guarantee a high-quality trainings.

The schools is a stone throw from “Yugo-Zapadnaya” metro station. Our comfortable dressing rooms with showers and warm atmosphere make dances not only effective, but also pleasant.

In a dance school striptease lessons are held by experienced trainers with choreography education and long dance practice. Attending strip-plastics lessons in our school you will succeed in erotic dance, acquire willowy and slender body, and master the art of seduction.

Learning club dances according to program of Andrey Oleinikov allows everyone to perform club dance in an individual manner that will distinguish you from a crowd by its unique technique.

Eastern dances are often called “belly dance”. But is not correct! Belly dance is just one of dance styles in Eastern culture. It was born at the Middle East. If we talk about Eastern dance in general, it should be mentioned that this style includes dances of many different nationalities. Geography of Eastern dance covers countries of Central and Eastern Asia, Near and Middle East; it also includes dances of Indo-Chinese and Pacific nationalities.

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Yugo-Zapadnaya 800 m
Moscow, 95/4, Vernadskogo Avenue

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Salsa Break dance Oriental dance Strip-dance Latin Dance Jazz-modern dance Go-Go Hip-Hop

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