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Krasnogorsk district, Arkhangelskoye
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Museum-Estate Arkhangelskoe


Enjoy works of art or just stroll through shady alleys of the park.

Wed–Fri: 10:00–17:30
Sat–Sun: 10:30–18:00

Entrance fee: 80-300 rub.

’Arkhangelskoe’ museum estate

This estate is a unique heritage of Russian artistic culture. Worldwide popularity of Arkhangelskoe came from its magnificent beauty and various unique museum collections.
As Hertsen said, “Here person met nature under different conditions. He demanded changes in decoration in order to make artistic beauty out of natural beauty and to humanize it”. And this person often was a free man or a bondman master who was able to create here a masterpiece of palace and park art.
Its prime started when estate came into possession of a rich Russian man of virtu and art patron, N. Yusupov. Since then Arkhangelskoe became one of the most popular centers of social life in Moscow. Russian emperors, high rank nobility, politicians, famous poets and publicists visited this estate.
Today Arkhangelskoe Estate is a museum with unique paintings collection of XVII — XIX centuries, engravings, sculptures and decorative art. In museum you can find one of the biggest library collection in Russia: almost 16 thousand rare books.
Starting from 1998 in Arkhangelskoe Museum Estate that revives earlier traditions, take place conсerts of classical music “Autumn divertimento in Arkhangelskoe” and open air musicales.


These days collection of museum have more than 50 thousand items. These are highly artistic works of painting and decorative arts of European and eastern masters of XVII — first half of XIX centuries, rare books in Russian and foreign languages, manuscripts, old photos and documents.
Collection of rare books is the biggest. It has 16,000 volumes and is a unique example of estate library of the early XIX century.
Meanwhile collection of decorative art has few thousand items, including unique objects of Russian and Western European origin: sculptures of bronze, furniture, porcelain, glass and textile. It is a base of surrounding in complex and interior of empire palace.
Fine arts collection is also vast.
Collection of paintings includes works of artists from Western Europe and Russia of XVII — XIX centuries and includes more than 400 items. Guest of the estate always were astonished by works of such brilliant painters as Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Antoon van Dyck, François Boucher, Robert Hue, Pietro Antonio Rotari, etc.
Graphic art collection includes almost 3,000 sheets. Marble statues and bronze plastic figures as well as stone cut works constitute the sculpture collection of the museum. Such galleries were typical for Russian emperor palaces and manors of large nobility assemblies of XVII — XIX centuries.

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  • It sure reminds of many fine architecture ensembles of the former Russian Empire.
    0 19 December 2012 at 00:30


Moscow, Krasnogorsk district, Arkhangelskoye

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