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Komsomolskaya 700 m, Prospekt Mira 740 m, Suharevskaya 830 m Most Spassky, 29
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Cafe April


Relax at ‘ecostylie’ and cozy April

Marinated duck breast served with salad and mango — 360 rub.
Kamchatka crab, fresh vegetables and quail eggs salad — 590 rub.
Rabbit fricassee served with potato soufflé and vegetables — 490 rub.
Veal cheeks served with fruits and bilberry sauce — 620 rub.
Tagliatelle with shrimps and crawfish tails — 460rub.


Each interior detail of ‘April’ deserves special attention. The café is made out in a fashionable and beautiful ‘ecostyle’. Its furniture is 100% designer.

Some countertops are pinewood and have streaks of acacia cut in by hand. Do you feel like sitting on a log? Why not!

All cracks and streaks of the polished wood have been preserved. Even the bar counter is designed to shape of a log making it so comfortable to sit at. Light curtains picturing twisted twigs swaying in the wind create a beautiful illusion of being in a spring forest. The image is completed with birds’ modulating singing and green grass growing in pots standing on each table. Besides, the projector fastened to the ceiling shows movies about wild nature contributing to the café’s entourage.

The café’s arrangement of things is also very unusual.

‘April’ has three levels fancifully connected with each other by staircases. Some of the clients prefer the upper floor with a bar counter, while other like to stay on the lower floor featuring rose-and-white colors. Undoubtedly, there will always be people wanting to forget about the whole world in the separate VIP hall.


Cuisine corresponds to the café’s general style. The best word it can be described with is ‘spring’, combining best European and Russian dishes. The chef will not let you eat too many calories. Yet, under no circumstances he will let you get hungry.


April invites you to forget about the caprices of the weather, bustle, noise and polluted air of the megalopolis. Here in April, it is always blossoming spring with good weather, singing birds, green moss and new grass which dispose to relaxation and raise your spirits.
The lower floor features professional equipment turning it into a dance floor in a matter of seconds. At this place, you can throw any party you want involving DJs and live music.

By the way, DJ shows are pretty common to this place on Saturdays and Sundays.

Great mood you will receive at ‘April’ and that will stay with you for a long time is priceless. Come to feel that spring has come.

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Komsomolskaya 700 m, Prospekt Mira 740 m, Suharevskaya 830 m
Moscow, Most Spassky, 29

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