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5 Ostrovityanova Street
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Cafe Anderson


At this café, children are distinguished guests; delivery to local homes

Mon–Fri: 08:30–22:00
daily: 08:30–23:00
Sat–Sun: 10:00–22:00

Complex breakfast — 245 rub.
Oatmeal — 115 rub.
Pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup — 220 rub.
Cottage cheese pancakes with maple syrup or sour cream — 125 rub.
Bruschetta — 160 rub. — 260 rub.
Quesadilla — 315 rub. — 345 rub.
Homemade pasta — 290 rub. — 380 rub.
Duck breast served with potato puree and sauce — 520 rub.
Hot chocolate with strawberries and oranges — 270 rub.
Cocoa — 270 rub.
Apple, orange cow — 165 rub.


At this wonderful café, residents of the neighborhood are offered to have breakfast in their house slippers.

It is done for a reason because they do their best to make you feel like home here. In the morning, they serve freshly squeezed juices, unusual cottage cheese pancakes with grated carrots, omelets and cereals and, of course, waffles sprinkled with maple syrup.

Besides, here you can treat yourself to pies with different fillings (proprietary are cowberry), homemade pasta and fruit dumplings, chocolate muffins or truffle with orange liqueur, éclairs, patties and biscuits.

They serve food at the café plus it is available for takeaway so you can take it with you to a party, banquet or business meeting.

Naturally, children are distinguished guests here because ‘Anderson’ has been designed for them. The cafe features a children’s menu, cute chairs, toys, room with a blackboard and toy construction set. Kids are entertained with regular cooking master classes where little chefs, along with learning how to decorate biscuits and muffins, will acquire skills in mixing cocktails like real barmen by making a strawberry non-alcoholic mojito to later treat their friends or relatives to.

Going to the café will be best if followed with or preceded by a stroll in Troparevsky Park.

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Moscow, 5 Ostrovityanova Street

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