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Accelerator Hadron Collider

A Soviet hadron collider near Moscow, Protvino


A Soviet hadron collider near Moscow, Protvino

In the end of 1980s the USSR was in agony and decided to build a huge elementary particle accelerator. Its construction was freezed in 1990s.

A circular tunnel has 21 km in length and lies on a depth of 60 meters. It is situated near Protvino which is a city of nuclear physicists which is in less than hundred kilometers from Moscow along the Simferopol highlight. They even had started to supply equipment in a ready tunnel when a number of political tempests stroke, and soviet “hadron collider” was left to rust underground.

This tunnel is still kept closed, but it has emergency lighting, air ventilation and ground water drain just in case it will be useful for any acceptable scientific project.

Since Russia has joined the similar project in Geneva (but tunnel is 27 kilometers) there was no need for collider since the middle of 1990s although a lot of dipole “warm” magnets of the first stage and a pilot lot (about 100 pieces) of superconducting dipoles of the second stage of acceleration. Still there is a need in investments.

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Tula, Protvino

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